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Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently asked questions

Why should I learn the Billings Ovulation Method?

There are plenty of options when it comes to Natural Family Planning, but I’ve found that Billings is a great method because it's simple to learn and is a lifelong method. Billings does not require taking your temperature at the same time every morning which makes it great for busy families and postpartum moms. Billings does not require any extra equipment or testing strips so there are no extra monthly expenses or fees. Billings can be used for irregular cycles or before you even have cycles (e.g. postpartum). With Billings, you’ll be able to identify your period of infertility vs. fertility even when your period happens rarely, randomly, or not at all yet.

Do I need to be Catholic or Christian to learn?

Nope! While the Billings Ovulation Method was created by two Catholic doctors as a way for married couples to naturally avoid pregnancies, the method is able to be used by any woman or couple! I am Catholic and pray with and for my clients if they are comfortable but it is NOT required.

Why is it important to have an instructor?

Learning the rules from a book is a great place to start, but working with a trained instructor ensures that you’re using the Billings Method to its full capacity and identifying all infertile and possibly fertile days correctly. Most of the apps marketed towards tracking your cycle are based off the Rhythm Method and offer a place to store and share information but simply guess which day you will ovulate. BOMA-USA (the Billings Ovulation Method Association) has two compatible apps – NFP Charting and Fertility Pinpoint – but they won’t interpret for you. Working with an instructor will allow you to understand how to make observations and interpret what those observations mean.

What is the benefit of paying for instruction?

There is a suggested, voluntary donation, for your instruction and follw-up appointments. Donation funds further education so I can continue learning and sharing that knowledge with clients, materials I use for instruction, childcare while I meet with you, and funds to advertise the method to more women. The instructional fee does some great things and I will not turn women away if money is tight, every woman has a right to know about her fertile health. I am committed to teaching women about their fertility and spreading the joy that comes with planning your family's future!

Is this the Rhythm Method?

No, the Billings Ovulation Method was created after the Rhythm Method. Drs. John and Evelyn Billings devoted their lives to creating a method that was indiviualized for each woman to determine her period of infertility and pinpoint when exactly she ovulates. There are so many variables that can cause a woman's cycle to not be the "standard 28 days" which is why the Billings Ovulation Method is easier to implement and follow.

What if I'm on birth control or have used it in the past?

The Billings Ovulation Method is not compatible with any barrier methods (the pill/ring/shot/etc.), condoms, or pull out method but if you are willing to learn without using these then this method could be perfect for you! I would first speak with your heatlh care provider about removing the IUD, Ring, etc. or discontinuing the Pill to begin detoxing your body. For more information please use the contact form on the home page.